20 Things to do if you want to be successful….Change your mind, Change your life

1. Don’t try to be perfect.

Guess what? Nobody is. The greatest winners have lost plenty. There may not always be balance, so go hard with what you want or go home.

2. Think levels.

You may not get there on the first, second or even third try, but know where you want to go, set milestones and keep moving forward. Don’t ever stay in one place because you are comfortable or scared to grow.

3. Stop talking people to death

We all know you have said you want to do it, at some point the encouragement turns to well why haven’t you done it. Don’t ever be prepared to answer that question. Always be working on your dream. Nobody wants to hear about your dream if you’ve been in the same starting point for years. Take action start showing.

4. Waiting for it

Luck is when Opportunity meets preparation. If you are not prepared for the opportunity then guess what? It won’t work out. You have to do the things on your end to get you where you want to go. There’s no right time, or right place. Get to getting!!

5. Look for approval.

What others think doesn’t matter. No bill has ever been paid with an opinion. The only opinion that matters is yours. It’s literally your lifeblood. If you think you cant’ then you cant’ but if you know you can……..Watch it happen for you.

6. Trying to do it alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, You might not get it when you want it or from who you want it from, but you would never believe who is willing to help you out.

7. Don’t oversell.

Be a person of your word, even if it costs you. Don’t be a con man or an i’ll get you later person. Do what you say you will do.

8. Open your circle.

If you are the smartest, most successful person in your circle then guess what? Your circle is not strong. You need to expand and find those with more who know more challenge yourself and learn from others. It’s impossible to know everything. Keep learning. You don’t know it all.

9. Place Blame

It’s cowardly and it costs you respect.

10. Living in the past.

Your future starts now. Yesterday is over. You know what NFL teams do after they win the Superbowl? They get  ready for next season. You know what NFL teams do after they Lose the Superbowl? They get ready for next season. As long as there is a tomorrow that’s the focus. Not yesterday.

11. Trying to please everyone.

Good luck with that. It’s not been done yet, so why try?

12. Set goals.

Small goals yield small results; big goals, big (and sometimes huge) results.

13. Holding on to grudges.

They’re a waste of time, and your time should be spent on things more productive.

14. Avoiding change.

Change will happen with your permission or not. Manage it when you can and always make the best of it.

15. Saying “I can’t.”

Take that word out your vocabulary

16. Minimizing yourself.

There’s no nobility in talking bad about yourself. It makes others uncomfortable and it also makes them believe it.

17. Staying down.

You will take losses. Things won’t always go your way. Doesn’t mean you stop. It means that the world kept going and as long as it keeps going there is a way out.

18. Complaining.

Nobody cares.

19. Trauma Bonding

If you find yourself overjoyed that you’ve met someone in just as big a funk as you. Or worse than you and all you do is talk about your problems with each other than what do you think will happen if life changes for one of you? You will cease to be friends. You are bonding over the bad and that’s never good.

20. Comparing yourself with others.

Everyone’s journey is different. Focus on yours.