The research has been done, there is now an Official Average Size

Scientists took 15,000 men and measured each for the answer to the unanswerable question. What is average?




Fifteen-thousand penises is a lot of penises. The subjects came from United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa from all different ages ranged from 17 to 91.

The results were:

When erect: 5.16 inches in length, 4.6 inches girth

When flaccid: 3.6 inches in length, 3.7 inches girth

Based on the information from the study, just 2.28 percent of the population has a big or grande or small penis.  Hold up wait a minute you thought they were finished? Nope they also measured shoe size in comparison with penis size and found that there was no correlation between penis size and shoe size. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the big myth about black men being larger was not a factor either. However they used mostly European and Middle Eastern men for the testing.

Here is a link to the test British Journal of Urology International