E-bay….the place where you can find anything. Well almost anything. Here is a list of items that the online mall prohibits people from selling. And I mean do we really need to ask why? But if you are into these things then maybe there’s a market for you.


Bank Debit Cards


Cash Only!!! You cannot give out the banks cards.

Used Underwear




Do you really want this? Maybe as a prop but I can’t imagine it’s much cheaper than new underwear. Some things you just need to get off the rack.


Photos of your Mate


No photos of  your significant other girlfriend/boyfriend/hubby/wifey even if they are fully clothed. Unless it’s a canvas portrait of course.


“Anatomically accurate” sex  toy dolls



They can be doll parts sold seperately but not all together which is not only interesting but brings us to our next No can sell………..


Human Body Parts



No bones, organs, hair or fingernail clippings can be sold on Ebay, unless they are doll parts.


Champagne room services



Or any personnel services, like massage, cuddle buddy or anything else.

Nuclear Weapons/ Weapons of Mass Destruction



If you want to be Dr. evil then you have to go elsewhere to get your arms.





Alcohol is prohibited to be sold, on the site. You can sell bottles that are empty, but if you want some Dusse in Iowa then you are out of luck.


Contact Lenses

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You have to go elsewhere to get your contacts; like Lens Crafters. Not even the fake zombie lenses are allowed to be sold.


Drug making Manuals


No Walter White or Tony Montana how to manuals are able to be sold on Ebay or any items that encourage illegal activity.