11 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

By Dorne Adams

​1. He doesn’t want to come around your family, or he doesn’t want you around events with his friends and family. 

You might get to meet some co-workers, and the best friend but group activities don’t usually happen. If you have a function for work he might go but not to anything with family.  But he will totally go hang out with his “female” friends in a group setting


2. If you do something once, it’s now the standard. 

You washed my socks that one time I thought you were gonna do it all the time? You made me lunch yesterday, why didn’t you do it again? Now you’ve created an expectation or an argument from doing something nice.


3. You’re time is his time. 

You are never to have plans that don’t include him or it’s like hey you want to play that game, and he now has a reason to go MIA. Your time is used to attend to him not vice versa​. And when he calls after hours, you better not say no. He wants to chill when HE wants to chill.

5. You feel like a booty call even though he’s your man. 

You tell everyone you have a boyfriend but there’s no more going out, only him coming over to get the goods.



7. Netflix and Chill are the new date nights

No more Benihana and Cheesecake Factory, no more going to the bar to drink. It’s living room, liquor store, or dispensary and a movie night!


​8. He only asks what that mouth do? He doesn’t show what his does

 ​And no more sports package, it’s turned into better get yours before I get mine!


9. You don’t get many compliments from him. 

All the compliments slowed down or stopped. No more hey beautiful, or you look nice tonight.


10. He never remembers anything you say because he’s not paying attention.

He is never remembering that thing you are supposed to go to or that you had to work late, he is totally oblivious to everything you say.  ​


​11.He acts he doesn’t discuss 

If it’ s job or it’s home, or it’s car he will make all kinds of moves and tell you later.


Hopefully you take the info and make a clear evaluation if you are getting taken for granted or not.