What does she say to Her Friends About You?


You spoil her, you treat her better than anyone, You leave the seat up, you don’t care about her feelings? All of that and then some are the things that women discuss when they have entered a new relationship.



What she thinks about your role as a provider or financier 

 You would like to think they tell their friends, oh he’s so cute he dresses nice, and his nails are clean, but it’s so much deeper than that. They discuss the type of money you make and what type of lifestyle you can provide. Are you a go getter or a project? Are you someone who can take care of them and a potential or ready made family, or are you someone who needs some work to get there? Are you able to do the things they want a man to do for them or…………You get my point. Just realize, even if you don’t have money and she dates you, the expectation is not that she takes care of you forever.


What that Mouth Do??? 

 Yeah you know they talk about it, not just the oral but the entire package, the smart women won’t divulge too much because they don’t want to peak curiosity, but if you shock and awe in a good way or bad way then she will probably spill the beans. My advice as always is Be Awesome!!


Future or no Future

So this is a little different than #1 because you see, # 1 is when they are discussing the facts of the case (case being you) This is weather they want to move forward. Are you the guy that they just have fun with? Or are you the guy worth settling down for? I will tell you this, There is no way for you to say i’m gonna be this type of guy up front and it matter, because She could be looking to have fun and you are the settling down type then guess what? It probably won’t go further. So just be you, and let the chips fall where they may!


All the Reasons she shouldn’t date you

I know this might seem redundant but just remember that women be talking! She has to do the pros and cons list to see if she is going to make that move to date you. But don’t worry you can still have a list of cons that’s longer it’s more a weighted scale, like a Con of Having no sense of style won’t weigh as much as having a good job. Get where i’m going?


Are you present? Do you try? 

 Are you the pursuer or are you the one that she is chasing? Are you into her or is she into you? They will talk about your level of effort from do you send texts throughout the day with smiley faces or send flowers to the job? Do you cook for her and run baths after work? Or are you waiting on her to come home and take care of your needs, does she go a day or 2 without hearing from you? These are the things to be conscious of guys, How much do you show you want her?

Comparing you to the last guy

You know the slate isn’t’ clean right? You need to be aware that what you do and say and how you act is always under the shadow of the last guy. This is usually a good thing because he’s no longer around, but every now and then memories get clouded and they remember things from the female POV that are skewed and can be trouble for you. So don’t get mad when she does it because she will do it, but just understand, you have to be better than the ex.

The people in your life and how she meshes with them

Your friends Men and Women in your lives as well as your family members will definitely be something she discusses and your relationship with them. Seems odd but of the women surveyed this is what they talk about. How does he treat his Mother, do him and his siblings get along, How are his friends and what’s that dynamic like?


 The Things that make you great

Here’s the fun stuff, What you do to make her smile? How you guys have the best bond, how you make her laugh, how you make her feel safe, and protected. How you treat her like a queen. She discusses all these and for the most part this is the main topic, But trust and believe the other things get some air play! So Keep being awesome and giving her something to talk about!