How To Be The Best House Guest Ever

Whether you’re at a friend’s apartment or crashing at your in-laws house, here is the guide to being welcomed back.

Roberto Caruso.

1. No pop ups.
2. If possible don’t come empty handed, bring something to say thank you.  
3. If you are a fickle eater, bring your own groceries or if you will be eating there a lot bring household groceries. 

During your stay
4. Clean up after yourself.
5. Don’t smother your host.
6. Let them know when you are leaving.
7. Don’t go on treasure hunts. Ask for something you can’t find. 
8. Don’t have guests when you are the guest. 

9. Either make the bed or take the sheets off for the wash. 
10. Make sure you leave everything the way it was.

And don’t forget to say thanks again.